Joali Being is located on the beautiful and secluded island of Bodufushi in one of the largest and deepest atolls of the northern Maldives - Raa Atoll. The natural diversity of the area is a great asset and uniqueness of the location. During the design and construction of the resort's infrastructure, the principles of sustainable design combining a scientific approach to conservation and integration of nature with architecture were followed. The foundation of the ministry's philosophy is to draw on the energy of nature for the restoration of human well-being in all respects, which is why the natural environment is treated with such care and sensitivity here.

Villas and residences

Each of the 68 villas is a space where guests are expected to feel harmony and balance, energy flow and inspiration. The highest standard of luxury can be found here in the space, shapes, colors, materials and fabrics used in the design of both the interior and exterior areas of the villa. All residences have private pools, special personalized accessories such as bedding, or a wellbeing-bar stocked according to individual tastes and needs, musical instruments to promote meditation, or games to improve the state of mind.


The resort will be reached by hydroplane in a 30-minute flight from Male airport, where guests enjoy a comfortable VIP lounge while waiting for their flight.

Joali Being offers personalized wellness plans centered around the 4 pillars of well-being: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy. Following an in-depth consultation on arrival at the resort, guests embark on their own individual journey. It is a way to improve the emotional state, stimulate the immune system, regenerate the skin, and improve metabolism. All programs are individually developed and implemented in cooperation with the best specialists the ministry employs.