The Arctic - the world's most rugged, remote, ice-filled and unexplored regions are waiting to give you the richest travel experience - intimate encounters with wildlife, diverse landscapes and exceptional natural beauty.

Antarctica - probably the farthest from home you'll ever be... Antarctica is an environment of unique isolation - rich wildlife, stimulating history and majestic topography. Antarctica reaches a level of beauty that is unmatched in its simplicity, pristineness and fragility.

Yachts and cabins

Meet the two newest yachts in the Quark Expeditions fleet:

World Explorer - dignified and comfortable, refined and spacious - these are its main attributes. She is not only one of the fastest, but also the best yacht in our fleet. Six decks dedicated to luxury accommodations and exceptional outdoor spaces. Each apartment has private outdoor access or a French-style balcony.

Learn more here World Explorer | Quark Expeditions

Ultramarine - Quark Expedition's newest yacht. It was designed to travel beyond what is known in the area of polar exploration, to discover new places and immerse oneself in the best this region has to offer. Equipped with two twin-engine modern helicopters, Ultramarine offers the richest portfolio of adventures and activities in the entire industry. The largest suites in their category, breathtaking common spaces and the most space for nature observation.


Are you a pioneer, an enthusiast, or maybe the Arctic is on your "bucket-list"? This Arctic adventure is for you. Your journey to the end of the Earth is an unparalleled adventure in every sense of the word.