The farther away, the closer.

For me, travel is a zone of safety, a zone of trust in the World and faith in the good in people.
In the journey, whatever it may be, we are all equal to what we discover. New places, lands, waters, people - we actually present ourselves to them. They don't know anything about us, they don't judge us, they don't know our daily roles and stories. They simply accept us and give themselves. In such situations, we have a chance to return to our own deep self - natural and primal. Just be yourself. That's why I sometimes say that the further away, the closer. The farther away from home, from work, from the country, from the continent, the closer to one's own heart, one's truth, in a sense innocence. When we travel, we are able to play and enjoy ourselves like children, admire the creations of human hands or ponder the cosmos, delight and be moved by the power and beauty of nature. These are the purest and deepest feelings and emotions. There is a reason why it happens that a trip changes someone's life.
Sustainable and mindful travel, emotional travel is my passion and my mission. I am happy to share it with you.

Ania Godlewska

Founder and Owner of Go Elite Brand
IG: @ania_godlewska

I have always been curious about the world around me, and the desire to learn and understand its mechanisms has determined my next steps in life.

I am passionate about nature, travel and outstanding personalities, through which I find inspiration for continuous development. I am attracted to places and things that are beautiful, unusual and exclusive, often created by the brilliant minds of visionaries. Places inspired by art or history. My great love for nature and people found its fulfillment when I first flew to the Maldives. This naturally and culturally unique archipelago stole my heart in an instant. I got to know it by crossing the ocean from island to island - for almost two years I explored this remarkable country. This resulted in the creation of the first travel company and brand focused on this particular destination.

Over time, following my eternal desire to grow and climb higher and higher, I discovered the world of luxury resorts, where I felt at home from the start. And after a while, I wanted more again - I wanted to travel even further and discover outstanding places around the world. This is how the idea for the Go Elite brand was born, which, using its deep experience in travel design, aims to make even the most demanding travelers happy and provide them with experiences of the highest quality.