THE MURAKA is a first-of-its-kind luxury two-story residence with a master bedroom submerged more than 4 meters below sea level. We can get to it by stairs or elevator.
The heart of the residence is a bright living room with a dining area and bar, and a passageway to a sun terrace with an infinity pool. Nothing but sheets of glass separate us from the breathtaking views of the ocean space. The villa has a bath room with a bathtub facing the ocean, bedrooms for children and guests, a specially designated space and bedrooms for personal staff, such as a nanny or security. A private chef and a butler are also available. Muraka also has its own gym. The lower bedroom, resting on the ocean floor, has a glass dome instead of walls and ceiling, so that we are spectators in nature's most beautiful theater - we become part of underwater life. In addition to bedrooms, a living room, dressing room and bathroom have been prepared here.