Time + Tide Safari in Zambia

Time + Tide Safari in Zambia

Time + Tide are the pioneers of luxury safaris in Zambia. Continuing the legacy of responsible tourism, they offer today's explorers the luxury of space and contact with nature in its purest, wild and unspoiled form.<br>
Zambia is considered by many to be one of the last true wildernesses and the African continent's greatest mystery. The number of visitors is small, and vast areas of pristine nature have remained unchanged for millennia. Being able to explore the area and commune with nature without sharing the experience with many others is a privilege that is hard to find these days.</p>
<p>Zambia is an ethnically diverse country, inhabited by countless tribes, each speaking their own language and one of seven official languages, including English. Zambians are very happy and friendly people, happily welcoming visitors to their beautiful home.


Safaris are organized in Zambia's three national parks - King Lewanika in Liuva Plain National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park Camps and South Luangwa Camps.

Listen to the roar of a lion calling in the distance and feel every sense awaken as you open your eyes to one of the world's wildest places, ready for a sunrise walking safari. Follow the gentle footsteps of impala, discover leopards slumbering among the boughs, come face to face with a pack of elusive wild dogs - these are just a substitute for what the area has to offer....


Located just an hour's flight from Lusaka, southern Luangwa is known for its big cat sightings and is often referred to as the Valley of the Leopard. It was here that the legendary Norman Carr launched walking safaris and conservation-based tourism in Africa. The excellent reputation of Zambian guides is cultivated in our team, and some of our guides have trained with Norman himself. They provide guests with a raw, authentic safari experience, not letting any details in these vast spaces escape their attention.


Time + Tide safari camp is the only permanent refuge on the Liuwa plain. Its vast wilderness of more than 3,600 square kilometers has been protected for more than 100 years and remains one of the continent's best-kept secrets. As African rains reach the north, the plains turn into a watery wonderland, bringing with them the movement of wildebeest antelope migrating south to shade near the camp. Liuwa Plain is famous for its herds of predators - proud lions and large clans of hyenas - as well as the endangered and rare bird species that nest in the region. It is a land unchanged by time.


Nestled between the imposing mountain bluffs in the north and the mighty Zambezi River in the south, the Zambezi Valley offers diverse and unique attractions. Visitors call it a "happy place" because of its beautiful scenery, peaceful riverside forests and abundant wildlife. The Lower Zambezi is just a 30-minute flight from Lusaka and offers guests the excitement of tiger-hunting and tranquil wildlife watching on the banks of the river while kayaking or boating. Our guides strive to make each visitor feel part of the landscape, rather than a mere spectator.




During these extraordinary African adventures you will live in unique places created to provide you with all the comforts and conveniences, while maintaining the atmosphere of communing with wildlife. Tents and houses in all camps were built limiting interference with the natural environment and allowing guests to be in constant contact with their unique surroundings. The stay is accompanied by an atmosphere of pioneering hikes along the trails of explorers and lovers of natural wonders. At every step, however, we can count on first-class comfort and luxury.




The luxury of Madagascar, land of the forgotten seas, lies in its uniqueness. Miavana, with its white beaches and rich coral reefs, remains true to the island's oldest roots. It offers guests heavenly comfort and an extraordinary experience. It is an ideal destination for modern travelers seeking world-class luxury surrounded by unparalleled and wild nature and unique landscapes.


Miavana is located on the largest island of Madagascar's northeast coast, Nosy Ankao, and is an excellent starting point for expeditions to this main island of the archipelago. This is a land still completely wild, where we can experience nature at its most authentic and absorbing. The world of lemurs and chameleons makes Madagascar a truly unique and one-of-a-kind corner of the Earth.

We'll get here by helicopter: a 30-minute flight from the Tchaikovsky airport. Diego Suarez or a 1-hour flight from Nosy Be Airport.

Villas and residences

Only 14 villas - works of art in the realm of luxury - are scattered along the pristine beach. The ocean, sand and air elegantly merge with the interior spaces, highlighting the uniqueness of the location. Hand-dyed fabrics, hand-cut local stones, Malagasy wood, the colors of sea shells, the myriad shades of turquoise, the shimmering waves of the ocean - all this permeates the perfect design of each of the luxury residences.

Each villa is a minimum of 450sqm of private space, an infinity pool with ocean views, fully stocked kitchen and bar, butler service, sound system, generator and solar power, mutli-plug adapters throughout the villa; there is limited wi-fi and cellular coverage in the villas.


There are bicycles and an electric buggy at our disposal, with which we can move all over the island exploring its corners and enjoying this unusual land, inaccessible to the crowds. The resort organizes helicopter excursions to the "mainland" during which our eyes can see the incredible beauty of the baobab forests growing in Madagascar, peep into the lives of lemurs and multicolored chameleons, as well as many other purely endemic animal species that inhabit the region.

The Village is a resort-style common area with a restaurant, pool and space created for relaxation.